Hello! I used to blog over at Mommy Matters for several years, where I had a small following and made some wonderful friends. (If you know me from there and happened to find me please say hello!) I gave it up with the popularity of social media sites so I could focus on other things in my life. I have recently decided that I miss writing, and would like to start over, having less of a “mommy” focus and more of a full-life focus. I am the mother of three terrific kiddos, the wife of an amazing man, and I teach preschool. Hopefully I will find my voice again, or rather develop a new voice for myself with practice. I spend my rare free time reading, knitting, struggling with depression, being a technology junkie, and treating myself to the occasional subscription box, just to keep life in a small town interesting. I love my family, love my job, and am working on Finding the Sunshine.


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