Of work and quiet spaces

IMG_20140823_150740Today I’m using the afternoon to watch some required online videos for work. In order to find a quiet place to concentrate with three kids in the house I brought my work out to our camp trailer. I while my training videos are dull for sure, I am loving this quiet, homey space. I may have to make a habit of coming out here.

While on the topic of work, I mentioned on my “about” page that I teach preschool. I won’t be writing about my work here, out of respect for my employer, my students, and their parents. I don’t feel like it is appropriate for me to discuss in any detail my classroom or students. However I may on occasion mention it in a very general way. I will state however, that I have the greatest job ever. I get to play with and teach, nurture, and help mold little minds. My employer is a dream to work for. She is so supportive and encouraging. I love my students, and feel very lucky to get to do what I do.



Find the Sunshine

PicsArt_1408170005556This is something my husband says to me often. Sadly I am a pessimist. Always preparing for the worst. Always worried about what could happen. I don’t love this about me, but this is who I am. As I begin writing again and delve deeper you will see more as to why. But I do my best, and my wonderful husband is always there to remind me to find the sunshine in bad situations. And there usually is some sunshine to be found. So this is what my new blog is all about. Walking on the sunny side of the street. Looking for that silver lining. Focusing on the positive.