Stitch Fix Box

This is my third Stitch Fix box, but because I received my first two before I started this blog, and I didn’t post about them on my previous blog, I can’t link to those for you. I can tell you that both my previous boxes were great. I kept a cute top and a dress from my first one, and I kept the entire second box! I have really, really loved this service. Living in a rural area of a rural state, shopping is not easy. Add to that the fact that I have always been “fashionably challenged”, and can use all the help I can get with what goes well with what. This is just what I needed. And I never even have to leave my house – cute clothes in my size just come to my door! How can you beat that?!

If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is or how it works, when you sign up you fill out a style profile to let them know what kinds of things you like and don’t like, what your sizes are, etc.Then a stylist will select 5 items especially for you. You pay $20 for the box at the time that they send it. When you get the box, try everything on. They give you three days to decide what you want to keep, and what you want to send back. They include a postage paid bag, so sending your unwanted items back is easy. Your $20 styling fee goes towards what you keep. AND if you keep the whole box, you get %25 off! If you have any questions let me know. If you would like to try them out, I would really appreciate you using my referral link. Let me show you what I got this time around.

First up  is the Renee C Luna Graphic Floral Print Blouse. I thought this was cute – a little out of my comfort zone, but then that is one of the reasons I love Stitch Fix. It also has a really cute detail on the back. I paired it with the Kut From The Kloth Danny 5-Pocket Knit Pants that they sent me, as well as the Bay to Baubles Adina Stone & Chain Fringe Pendant Necklace. I love that my stylist sent me a complete outfit! The top is light and flowy, and will take me into fall nicely. The pants are almost like leggings, but a bit thicker, (no panty lines!) and nice. The necklace is a bit overpriced for what it is, in my opinion, but really helps makes the outfit. Verdict: I’m keeping the top, and the pants. I’m still on the fence with the necklace….




Next up is this adorable Daniel Rainn Laramie Herringbone Key Hole Blouse. This was an instant yes for me. It’s super cute, and I can add a jacket or cardigan as the weather starts to get colder. It also goes perfectly with the pants and the pendant necklace. Verdict: Keep!


Lastly is this Donna Morgan Stefanie 3/4 Sleeve Mixed Print Dress, which, you won’t see me wearing because sadly it was just that awful! I was sure when I saw the picture on the styling card I would not be keeping this one, and trying it on confirmed it. It was definitely not me, and was just not flattering on me. It accented my chest in a weird way, and made me look slightly pregnant. Verdict: this was a quick no for me. 


So there you have it. While this box wasn’t a home run, I think it was really good. I don’t need to keep every item every time. My stylist is definitely listening to my requests (this time I asked for items to take me into fall) and looking at my Pinterest board, and I have had no problem with sizing so far. I can’t wait to get my box next month! 


Calendar Crazy

I have always loved a good planner. Even though I am a technology geek and have more gadgets than one person really needs, there is something about a paper calendar that is so satisfying! I love looking at the calendars and planners when I’m out shopping, especially this time of year, because there are so many around at back to school time. But finding the right one for your needs is daunting, and I have tried many over the years!

I want to share with you one of my favorites. I discovered these when I was in college – they were just in my university bookULF-00001-tab1 store and I needed something to keep track of my classes and school work and such. They are AMAZING! The Uncalendar is so much more than a calendar – it includes all kind of blanks and boxes and lines to keep track of everything in your life on a weekly and monthly basis. (I apologize for not having pictures of mine here to share with you – stop by their website and check them out!). They come in several sizes and options – I think I’ve owned every calendar they offer over the years. The brilliance of these calendars is they are undated, so you can start them at any time of the year and you never end up wasting part of your calendar. I can’t say enough good things about these planners!

2G31OSZWH4NVFBPKNow, that being said, I will say that my needs have changed over the years, and what was BRILLIANT for me in college and beyond I have found is just not working for me as well now, and I will admit, I wanted something a little prettier to look at. I have been seeing a lot lately about the Erin Condren Life Planners, and last night I broke down and ordered one. (I got the one pictured here, but they have so many to choose from!) I am so excited to get it, and I will share with you when it gets here. While it doesn’t look as versatile as my Uncalendar, it should certainly suit my needs, and it is gorgeous for sure! In the meantime if you are in the market for a new planner, go check them out! If you follow this link you will received $10 off your order!! Let me know what you think, and share any planner tips you have!

Of work and quiet spaces

IMG_20140823_150740Today I’m using the afternoon to watch some required online videos for work. In order to find a quiet place to concentrate with three kids in the house I brought my work out to our camp trailer. I while my training videos are dull for sure, I am loving this quiet, homey space. I may have to make a habit of coming out here.

While on the topic of work, I mentioned on my “about” page that I teach preschool. I won’t be writing about my work here, out of respect for my employer, my students, and their parents. I don’t feel like it is appropriate for me to discuss in any detail my classroom or students. However I may on occasion mention it in a very general way. I will state however, that I have the greatest job ever. I get to play with and teach, nurture, and help mold little minds. My employer is a dream to work for. She is so supportive and encouraging. I love my students, and feel very lucky to get to do what I do.